Peace of mind when using a Licensed Conveyancer

Licensed conveyancers in the NT and are registered and certified as having undertaken education to a professional standard measured outcome for conveyancing and are approved for registration with the NT licensing requirements to practice in the NT.

When buying a property your conveyancer will explain the contract to you, organise any property inspections, discuss your financial position and negotiate with the seller’s conveyancer on any special needs such as extended settlement period, amount of deposit or possession amongst other things. Liaison with your lender on finance approval is also an important function.

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, once contracts have been exchanged, your conveyancer will take all the necessary steps to settle the matter and arrange payout or funding of mortgages.

At all times your conveyancer will advise you on various options and act to protect your interests throughout the process.

Why we recommend using a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers

Membership of AICNT

Being a member of the AIC means that the conveyancer must abide by the rules and codes of conduct of the AICNT and complete their continuing education requirements.


A conveyancing firm must contribute to a policy of Professional indemnity Insurance, as protection for all clients for any errors or omissions that may inadvertently be made by the Conveyancer. Consumers can instruct an AIC Member knowing that they are adequately covered in the unlikely event that a mistake is made.

Advantages of a CPC registered Licensed Conveyancer


The AICNT promotes the view that all members should participate in continuing professional development. Ongoing education is of utmost importance to the continuing skill and expertise that is needed to remain abreast of the ever changing nature of the conveyancing profession.

Should a licensed conveyancer complete 100 points of professional development programs, they will be eligible for the CPC (Certified Practising Conveyancer) accreditation.