Welcome to the upcoming dairy of events page. The link to booking for each sessions is created each month in the first week of each month. Please check this space again for the session you would like to book - if the link is not there on the right hand side under 'Events'. Have a Season Pass for 2017? Then please click on the link and select 'Season Pass' for either the recording or the live attendance - to book your requirement and to receive your complimentary ticket

Calendar for 2017

Our regularly updated calendar of events can be found as an upload for you to download here

We have also viewing of the recordings for CPC qualification

All TRAINING/PRESENTATIONS are available for viewing in our office at Winnellie for those who could not attend on the day for the live session. We can arrange a viewing time between 10am and 4pm on Tuesday to Thursday. Also available as a link for regional people.

BUT YOU MUST BOOK FOR THE SESSION LIKE EVERYONE ELSE BEFORE CLOSING DATE. If suddenly cannot attend and booked for the live session - please email me.

[email protected] that you wish to do a recorded viewing, or recorded viewings if you have a season pass.



Complete your CPC each year and qualify for the yearly “NT Conveyancer of the Year” award..

Meggsie Muis of Tschirpig Conveyancing is our Conveyancer of the Year for 2017.

The Award together with a substantial benefit will be presented at a special event early in each year.

Regional Link Livestreaming later of recorded Seminar

Regional Conveyancers can Register for the recorded event live. It is quality edited and then uploaded 2 weeks later on Vimeo - you will be sent (by email) a copy of the notes and instructions on how to log in.


Members Season pass is on sale February and March only. It includes attendance at 8 Professional Development sessions (excluding the half day conference) at a substantial discount. $792.00 worth of seminars for only $560.00!!!!

All tickets have early bird discounts

The only Early Bird is the season pass.

Registration open to all

Registration for these events is open to members and non-members. CPC Accreditation points are allocated for appropriate events and a CPC certificate can be gained if the required amount of points are earned in each calendar year.

Registered Conveyancers, who are members of the AICNT, can become a Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC).

Harnessing the Power of informal Get togethers

In any professional setting, networks flourish spontaneously: human nature, including mutual self-interest, leads people to share ideas and work together as they connect around shared interests and knowledge. AICNT feels that informal get togethers are also an important part of professional development