How to Become a Member of the AIC NT

The AIC NT offers a range of membership options for both established conveyancers as well as students and individuals wanting to become a certified practicing conveyancer (CPC).

I am existing Conveyancer

If your a registered conveyancer in another state, or if your already a conveyancer in NT and want to get certified, you have a few ways to register your interest.

Click below to make an enquiry, or call the AIC NT team on 0457 607 655 to discuss membership options.

I am a student or intern

If you are a student currently studying and are interested in the field of conveyancing, you can signup as a student with the AICNT. Student membership rewards you with industry events and networking opportunities to broaden your skillset and make the most of your career path.

Make an enquiry to our executive committee for more details on student membership.

Membership Benefits

List the options available to new members to incentivise them to join up.