In 2014 the Australian Institute of Conveyancers NT Division commenced a professional development program known as the CPC Program. This is a quality standard designed to give consumers the ability to identify those licensed conveyancers providing a higher standard of service and employing quality conveyancing practices.

What is the CPC accreditation?

CPC is a sign of excellence and professionalism and helps identify conveyancers who have met certain criteria.

A CPC is then required to keep abreast of changes to legislation and conveyancing procedures by obtaining CPC points through attendance at seminars and other activities conducted by the Australian Institute of Conveyancers NT Division and other providers of continuing legal education as defined in the CPC Guidelines.

CPC accreditation provides an approved member with a level of credibility with other conveyancers, legal practitioners, lenders, brokers, insurers and consumers based upon that member’s:

  • integrity;
  • adherence to good practice management standards;
  • adherence to prudent and efficient conveyancing procedures through the CPC program protocol;
  • increased standard of service, and
  • increased levels of knowledge and experience.

Eligibility for Accreditation as a CPC

To be CPC accredited the applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

  • have held a Conveyancer’s Licence for a minimum of 3 years (at least one of which is the 12 months immediately preceding the application);
  • be a full financial member of AICNT;
  • be properly insured at all times;
  • adhere to the AICNT Code of Conduct;
  • adhere to the AICNT CPC Protocol, and
  • have obtained 100 CPC points (which is the equivalent of a minimum of 10 hours application.

The CPC Logo

The purpose of the CPC logo is to give consumers an instantly recognisable quality mark highlighting a conveyancer’s professional excellence and their commitment to providing a high quality service; to assure potential clients that the conveyancer they choose has the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience and to boost public awareness of the need to choose their conveyancer carefully.

Your convyancer will have a year sticker on their window for every year registered as a CPC – starting from 2015: